About Us

PEKASAT SE is the European joint-stock company specialized in satellite networks. We have long-lasting experience in the satellite communication and our company collaborates with major satellite network operators around the world in coordination process of the satellite networks. 

We are fully qualified to find solutions in order to eliminate shortcomings caused by mutual interference of individual satellite networks. In the dynamically changing communications environment, the satellite technology and networks can provide a unique platform for data delivering to the end user even in faraway areas. 

With an extensive satellite network all over the world it is possible to get an access to satellites almost from any geographical location as well as to get connection to any spot on the Earth.  Reduction of the digital gap and  extension of the video and IP services to users on land, sea and air, allow the transmission of digital television in Ultra High Definition (4K), the transmission of digital cinemas and professional videos as well as the data transmission and telecommunication services. 

The PEKASAT company is convinced that progress in the satellite communication creates a chance to reinforce the role for transformation of the digital networks into new environment providing economic and social benefit to all. 

Clients of the PEKASAT SE can rely on a team of experts who are prepared to fully satisfy their requirements. Our innovative approach means benefit for society as a whole.


PEKASAT SE is presenting the solution for coordination meeting - Skycoor