Coordination of the satellite networks

We are registered satellite operator at the ITU-R under Czech Administration authorized to provide telecommunication services. We own one geostationary orbital slot, currently under advaced coordination process prepared for long-term leasing. We are strong in preparation of the satellite positions, its coordination process due to our Skycoor software including technical support for coordination meeting.

Satellite map

Earth Station operation

Our Earth Station is located in South Moravian region with ideal visibility and great transport accessibility. We operate on 22.000 sqm and able to offer our clients operating from different orbits (LEO, MEO, GEO) over 14.000 sqm for colocation and/or landlording. For more detailed information click here.

Consulting and Assistance services

  • Analysis of satelite networks
  • Selecting the appropriate satellite position
  • Evaluation of the risk of harmful interference
  • Application for a new satellite network
  • Assistance in technical and administrative matters
  • Managing the IFIC circular